Education as a service

We think that everything as a service is a good model nowadays. All of us are busy, we do not have enough time to dive into internet and search for the experts to listen to, and to find people that could really inspire … don’t worry, let us do this for you! CommitEd – professional education as a service: inspire, learn and move forward


World moves fast today, each professional needs to sharp his/her knowledge, keep it up to date and constantly grab all latest updates.
So, how to make lifelong learning process easy and predictable?
We are introducing the CommitEd – education as-a-service platform! Here you will find:
Inspiration from the TOP lever experts who will answer the hardest questions to inspire you to move forward and never give up!
Quality content – from the real practitioners who will share their secrets 😉
Everything will be in the same place – here on CommitEd.Tech!

What actually all this mean: you pay yearly subscription fee and received all events during the year!


Commited speakers are real stars, that made a significant impact on the profession or its essential parts, or best hands-on professionals with deep knowledge of particular tools. They are eager to share their experience with the community


We select the most relevant topics for your professional development, that includes newest cutting-edge features as well as golden standard classical tools that you have to know to become stronger and highly paid professional


Routine and overload may kill the passion to learn. That’s why a sip of fresh air is so important. Here in Commited you will communicate with the most successful professionals, that inspire new generations and form the landscape of the profession


While focusing on domain, stack or tools may bring short term benefits, it’s important to keep a broader outlook. It will help you to see new opportunities and areas for development. Here in Commited you will get better vision on your profession

Free for All – until Ukraine will be freed from russian occupation

We think that each nation has its own undeniable right to be free and also choice to define it own way of existence. russian think that Ukrain has no such rights, we think that russia made a huge mistake and will pay full price to all horrible things done on the Ukrainian land.

While Ukrainian army protecting Ukrainians, we would like to make as much as possible to support Ukrainian and World IT community with the free events powered by TOP level experts for FREE.

Subscription is valid during the year; this means that PRO subscribers receive not less than 50 events starting from the PRO subscription purchase date. Under FREE subscription it is possible to attend less events. 

Workshops are available for PRO subscribers only. 

It’s Easy!

The sign-up process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes of your time. And it will be as easy as click the link to join the session

It’s Affordable!

We offer really affordable prices. In fact, you are paying about 1 USD for each training, considering that some of them conducted by IT Rock stars may cost 500+ USD each

It’s Effective!

Big variety of trainings, delivered buy TOP world lecturers and practitioners will always keep you updated, inspired and armored and will help you to stay at the edge of technology in profession

Our Partners

We’re committed to our relationships with all our long-time partners and keep on growing by gaining new friends and partners! Here are friends of Commited.

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