This Code of Conduct contains the main guiding points, mandatory to follow to all parties, involving into organization and maintenance of crew members, speakers, participants, volunteers, etc. Following these rules helps us to create the best place for professional development and learning for all parties.

General statement

Code Space LLC runs – subscription-based community as a for-profit organization with great respect to all relevant communities aiming to bring cutting edge knowledge, international experience exchange and networking to all dedicated parties – participants, speakers, partners, volunteers etc.

Quality of the content

Our goal is to provide the best quality content, relevant to all participants. This leads us to few simple principals we strongly stand on:

  • Each content unit must be carefully selected based on its technical level, relevancy, potential interest to the audience and speaker’s background.
  • Neither of content units, marked as “pro” can’t be placed as a paid advertising content. We treat all our partners with great respect, but sponsorship of the particular event can’t provide any influence on its content.
  • Any unit of the content can be recalled by the any time. Recalling could be caused by reasonable doubts, that speaker is not ready to present a talk or/and presentation is not designed in proper manner.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to deliver an equal opportunity to speak to all professionals. We encourage all forms of diversity and committed to create safe and friendly environment that will stimulate mutual professional development and great mood.

Professional ethics

We’ve designed as a platform for international knowledge sharing and networking. And we encourage any discussions between professionals, that may lead to deeper understanding of debated topics and finding of new solutions or approaches. At the same time all discussions should remain professionally accurate, be done with respect to each other as well as refer to professional topics only, not the personalities.

Non-discrimination, non-harassment, non-bulling

Any form of discrimination by race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or personal appearance is strongly prohibited on Commited.Tech. Any manifestation of such discrimination should lead to immediate suspension from participation in the community without any refunds regardless of status of the person, who committed this discrimination – participant, speaker, partner. Behavior of all involving parties should be based on mutual respect and tolerance.


We think that independent certifications like ISTQB and vendor certifications like certifications from Microsoft, AWS, etc. has value, but the value is limited. Which is proven by the poll about ISTQB certification took place during interview with Michael Bolton (1:30:49). Commited as a project is not related to any certification model, and it is up to you to decide to get the certificate or not. At the same time, we could offer discounts for the certification and trainings from the partners.