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Alexei Vinogradov, Gleb Bahmutov, Arjun Attam, Maciej Wyrodek

E2E test automation panel discussion

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Panel discussion about modern tools in E2E Test automation, approaches, methods, effectiveness in particular projects. We invited experts confident in the topic – Selenide’s developer, Alexei Vinogradov, Cypress’s CTO Gleb Bahmutov, Arjun Attam, Playwright Program Manager at Microsoft and an independent Test automation expert Maciej Wyrodek!

Test Automation discussion panel series!
We are going to run several panel discussions about Test Automation on the difference levels: e2e Automation in Web, Testing of APIs and finally Testers & Unit Testing.
So, Test Automation panel series, part 1: e2e Automation in Web

Topic to discuss – subject to discuss: 

  • The mechanics of Test Automation in Web
  • The differences in approaches of different tools
  • The best features of known tools
  • QA Processes when using test automation in Web
  • How E2E Automation in Web should influence Unit & Integration testing

We are going to talk about Selenide, Cypress, Playwright and other popular tools.

About speaker:

Alexei Vinogradov

Alexei Vinogradov – Selenide Evangelist. Alexei has over 20 years of experience working in Software Development & Quality Assurance in Germany. He is working as independent consultant at various projects of big German and international companies.

The founder and moderator of Radio QA podcast. Beginning in 2020 Alexei started to work as mentor and teacher for QA automation at https://qa.guru

Gleb Bahmutov

Gleb Bahmutov – VP of Engineering, Cypress.io. Gleb is a software engineer interested in front and back end development, especially in using JavaScript (and its flavors) across the entire stack. He works at Cypress, making the world a better place. He is trying to blog on topics related to software craft (more than 300 blog posts!).He had circled the globe sharing his experience with other developers.

Maciej Wyrodek

Maciej Wyrodek – independent expert in Test Automation. Maceij is a Tester constantly driven by curiosity and hunger for destruction.
Maciej is a part of IT since 2011. His constant curiosity gave him the opportunity to work, among others, on projects for Objectivity, Dell, Volvo, Creditsafe, Jetshop, Kobo, Contium.

Arjun Attam

Arjun Attam – Program Manager at Microsoft, where he works on developer tools and services. With every company becoming a software company, he believes making developers productive creates a lot of value, and he enjoys working with them. Before joining Microsoft, he built Rubberduck and Team Chat to explore how developers collaborate, and he is now applying these learnings at scale.

Victor Sokolovskiy – moderator.

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