If the users can’t use it, it doesn’t work

Live + Rec

We will ask Rolf for examples of why it doesn’t work if users can’t use it; how usability changed over time – is it still about “DialogDesign”; and is it worth to spend money on usability testing.

Date and time:

19:00 22nd June 2020


Why usability testing is not about user’s perception, is there a chance to come up with new heuristics and why Rolf Molich, one of the usability founding fathers, did not complete a usability test of his own web-site?
Why in usability working the same laws that we had 20 years ago and is there a chance for a break thru in this field? How to sell usability to top managers and is there a chance to calculate ROI for usability improvement?
All these and many more in new interview by Commited – with Rolf Molich, the one of the usability pioneers, the mat who think that if the users can’t use it, then it doesn’t work.


Rolf Molich

Owns and manages DialogDesign

Rolf Molich owns and manages DialogDesign, a tiny Danish usability consultancy.
Rolf has worked with usability since 1984. Before that he worked as a successful software engineer.
Rolf is the co-inventor of the heuristic evaluation method (with Jakob Nielsen).

In 2014, Rolf received the UXPA Lifetime Achievement Award from the User Experience Professionals Association for his persistent work on the Comparative Usability Evaluation project, which has shed light upon how practitioners do usability testing in the real world.

Rolf not only talks about usability – he also attempts to practice it in his talks and workshops. He is particularly proud of the fact that his users – 250 students at the University of Copenhagen – named him ”Teacher of the Year” in 2014 for his usable and sometimes even humorous teaching style.

Rolf is vice president of the UXPA (www.uxpa.org), which develops and maintains the CPUX-certification


Victor Sokolovskiy

CommitEd, CoFounder

Software testing professional with more than 20 year of experience in the IT. Different companies, many projects, challenging positions.

Cofounder at Code Space. ISTQB Ukraine board member. Cofounder at TestingStage.com, AnalystStage.com.ua and DevOpsState.com.

Software testing and education enthusiast.

Miriam Dragina

UX designer from Digital Experience Team at Luxoft

UX/UI, product designer and product manager. Hands-on media expert with the background in research and interview, content creating, advertising, public speaking, marketing and PR. Proven records of successful projects in various kinds of domains including broadcasting, pop-sci and social event management.

Design software: Sketch App, Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign
Animation & modelling software: Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects
Prototyping & Collaboration tools: InVision, Miro, Balsamiq, Jira, Zeplin, Slack, Asana, Confluence, Notion, Trello.

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