Workshop: iOS Test Automation from Scratch

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Workshop covers foundations of the mobile test automation in IOS

Date and time:

17:00 7th July 2021


This workshop focuses on topics:
1. Swift basics
2. Xcode walkthrough
3. XCUItest from scratch
4. Automating first test
5. Running test in Simulator and Real Device
6. how to run test in CI or on Cloud
7. What’s next?


Igor Dorovskikh

Engineering Manager, Tinder

Being Engineering Manager at Tinder, Im a key driver behind Tinder’s mobile release management, QA process, and Mobile DevOps. Before Tinder, I’ve worked as an automation lead at Expedia and Barnes & Noble where my team has built automated solutions for their flagship products.
Besides testing, I’m also passionate about teaching. In 2013, I’ve founded CodeFitness — a company that provides online and on-site training for those who want to become test automation experts. I’m constant guest at various meetups around Bay Area and was a presenter at GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) on topic “Mobile Automation in Continuous Delivery Pipeline”.


iOS Test Automation for Scratch

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