Workshop: Requirements Engineering for Test Engineers: part 3

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Techniques for documenting software requirements. Successful validation, negotiation, and managing requirements.

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October 28, 2021 19:00 (GMT +03:00)

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For the development team to be productive and efficient it is extremely beneficial that the team members are in the context of work of one another. Specifically, it is very helpful for the Test Engineer to be in the context of the techniques and principles of working with software requirements as it can streamline the collaboration with the Business Analyst. It can also happen, that there is no dedicated person who analyzes requirements in the team. In this case, it can be that the Test Engineer is partially or fully covering the role of a Business Analyst in the project.
In this webinar, the topics of documenting, validating, negotiating, and managing requirements will be explained. What quality criteria exist for the requirements? What types of requirements documentation exist? When and how to use the SRS, Use Cases, User Stories, User Story Map techniques? How can the Glossary help Test Engineers in their work? What modeling languages can be used for documenting the requirements? When and how to use different diagrams: UML Class diagram, Data flow diagram, Activity diagram, BPMN diagram. What are the principles and techniques of requirements validation? How to efficiently discover the missed requirements during the review? How to find and negotiate the conflicting requirements? What are the techniques for prioritizing the requirements?
These questions will be covered in the webinar and help Test Engineers both: efficiently collaborate with the Business Analyst(s) in the project and/or working with the software requirements.


Polina Karabach

Functional Analyst, Application Engineer, Ukraine

Polina Karabach is an application engineer and functional analyst with over 5 years of experience in software requirements analysis at Materialise. Polina specializes in medical software projects linked with 3D printing. She has worked with requirements for multiple different projects including the ones that required preparation for the medical software certification (FDA, ISO).
Polina is IREB CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) certified. IREB CPRE is one of the most popular certifications for Business Analysts around the world.
She has received the Materialise Gold Star Award in 2018 for the achievements in the software analysis area.
She is a Distinguished Toastmaster – the highest level of achievements in the Toastmasters International organization for public speaking and leadership skills.


Requirements Engineering for Test Engineers: part 3

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