Workshop: Test Estimation

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Estimation techniques – Wide Band Delphi, three point, wideband

Date and time:

19:00 18th August 2021


1.WBS (Work Breakdown Structure – Gantt diagram
2.Function Point / Testing Point Analysis
3.Three Point Estimation
4.Wideband Delphi
5.Planning Poker
6.ROI estimation (i.e. based on new tool introduction ROI)
7.Hybrid estimations
Business value: Evidence-based estimations for the different scopes and level of detail – i.e. estimate the test effort for specific product/release or specific feature/piece of work or specific activity/tool introduction.
Practice tasks*: Real-life cases and examples to be estimated together with the audience for each test estimation technique.
Time: 3 hours


Anton Muzhailo

Quality Architect

Anton is a Quality expert with more than 8 years’ experience dedicated to testing domain, specifically Test Management, Test Automation and Performance Testing. ISTQB Certified Test Manager.
As a Quality Architect in GlobalLogic he design the QA solutions, provide the Assessment and Advisory services and participate in Quality sales activities. In addition, Anton is coordinating the QA Center of Excellence, that provides leadership, best practices and support for the GlobalLogic projects and customers in QA domain.


Test Estimation

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