Events Format

Interview – this is our simplest but most inspiring format! We will invite interesting persons, who make valuable contribution to the profession. Usually, duration of such event is about 1-2h. We will use special tools to communicate with the speaker. You can join by clicking play on the event page.

Panel – discussion panel. We invite several experts to discuss or enlighten particular topic. Usually, duration of such event is about 1-2h. You can join by clicking play on the event page.

Workshop – this is practical session intended to give you knowledge in the particulate area, tool or approach. Usually, duration of such event is about 3-8h. Usually such session will take place in online environments like Zoom, link to the session will be posted on the event page, and will be visible to eligible subscription.

Session – generic session from the expert, could be in mostly any format, usually defined to the expert lead the session. Duration is not defined, but we expect it to be not longer, than 40-80 min. It is possible to join by clicking play on the event page or using special link

Partners’ events. We may add some events from our partners to the schedule. We do our best to select the most relevant content for you. However, CommitEd is not responsible for the content of such events. Any type of Commited subscription can’t guarantee free participation in partners’ events, even thou we try to provide you with some additional discounts and other benefits.


You can join with FREE subscription, later, you can always upgrade to PRO subscription.

Events marked with PRO are available for PRO subscribers only. Events without PRO marker are available both for PRO and FREE subscribers. But you need to subscribe to participate.


FREE events – events available for FREE and PRO subscription holders.
PRO – event available for PRO subscribers, but not for FREE
Please note, FREE subscription requires registration.

Live and Recordings

Session marked with Live only is available only in Live format and there is no way to watch it later. Session marked with Live and Recorded will be available in Live format and after will be added as a video recording.


As CommitEd is focused around events, it is very important to have schedule ahead, so our customers will be able to understand what new events are coming and plan personal schedules accordingly. We will try to enroll complete schedule at least for 3 months ahead, but some events may be scheduled for even longer perspective, for example 4-6 months or more, ahead.

We publish only events confirmed by the speaker, but, as usually, plans could change due the personal or work issues, so event could be cancelled or rescheduled.

If event is cancelled, we will try to do our best to find new speaker for you.

How to participate

Please open the page of the event you would like to participate 10-20 minutes before the event. If you don’t see the link, please try to refresh the page (for example using CTRL+F5 for common browsers) 😉

If the event will be available right from web-site, (for example interview), you will see a video player, instead of cover image. All you will need to do is to push the button.

Below the image you will see some additional hints how to participate.

How to participate

If the event requires online meeting platform to participate, for example Zoom, it will look like following

How to participate

After clicking the Here link or link from the date you will join online meeting, Zoom for example.

We hope, that this short guide will help you to enjoy all Commited events. In case you will have any further questions, please write us to

Free for All – until Ukraine will be freed from russian occupation

We think that each nation has its own undeniable right to be free and also choice to define it own way of existence. russian think that Ukrain has no such rights, we think that russia made a huge mistake and will pay full price to all horrible things done on the Ukrainian land.

While Ukrainian army protecting Ukrainians, we would like to make as much as possible to support Ukrainian and World IT community with the free events powered by TOP level experts for FREE.

Subscription is valid during the year; this means that PRO subscribers receive not less than 50 events starting from the PRO subscription purchase date. Under FREE subscription it is possible to attend less events. 

Workshops are available for PRO subscribers only. 

It’s Easy!

The sign-up process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes of your time. And it will be as easy as click the link to join the session

It’s Affordable!

We offer really affordable prices. In fact, you are paying about 1 USD for each training, considering that some of them conducted by IT Rock stars may cost 500+ USD each

It’s Effective!

Big variety of trainings, delivered buy TOP world lecturers and practitioners will always keep you updated, inspired and armored and will help you to stay at the edge of technology in profession

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